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Alvin Kean Wong studied as an engineer. As a young man, obsessed with photography, Alvin moved to New York for a career change in 2008. Taking up temporary works as an assistant to various fashion photographers. Working with them has inspired him to explore fashion photography. Upon his return to Singapore, Alvin revealed his learning towards art and fashion through his works. With no knowledge at the fashion business , he treated all magazines sitting as he would a reportage assignment. The results were successful - fresh, bold and full of movement. In recent years, Alvin's clever use of unusual lighting techniques gives his photographs strength with delicate qualities. His imagination have continue to find innovative ways of depicting beauty, following no hard and fast rules.

His works had appeared in a variety of publications including L'OFFICIEL, ELLE, NYLON MEXICO, PRESTIGE, FEMALE, STYLE, AUGUST MAN etc.